Privacy Policy


On the Visit Turku website, cookies are used to track visitor statistics and improve our service. For example, in use are Facebook’s tracking pixels and Google Analytics tools, along with associated features. These services can use cookies and other functions to gather and receive information about visitors to the site and then use that information for analysis and targeting.

All the data collected is processed anonymously so that the information can never be linked with personal data or otherwise used to identify any individual users.

Visit Turku website Customer and Marketing Register privacy statement

Privacy policy to adequately meet requirements of personal data legislation (in particular the Personal Data Act, 523/1999, 10 and 24 §)

1. Registering body
Name: City of Turku / Tourist Office, Visit Turku
Address: Aurakatu 4, 20100 Turku
Other contact information:

2. Contact for issues relating to the register
Name: Olli Ylioja
Address: Aurakatu 4, 20100 Turku
Other contact information:

3. Register
This document concerns the Customer and Marketing Register for the Visit Turku website.

4. Purpose of the register
The information processed by the register concerns everything connected to Visit Turku’s online activities, including but not limited to contacts, transactions, customer queries and surveys, development of services, reporting, marketing and other customer or partnership related actions.

The information processed in the register can also be used for profiling and for targeting marketing activities and customer communications to the interests of the data subject. Personal information is also processed for sending newsletters, event invitations and customer bulletins.

The personal information collected on the site is used for website development, marketing planning and marketing communications. In addition, we can use the data e.g. for remarketing based on online behaviour within social media services.

5. Information recorded in the register
Non-personal information as well as personal data are collected in the register. Non-personalised user information is collected via cookies and the Google Analytics tool. This information is used for web service development and marketing planning.

Personal data is only collected from the user when, for example, the user wants to participate in a lottery that requires contact information. Register details associated with the lottery (e.g. information about contacts to be saved in the register) will be informed in connection with the lottery separately from the register document.

6. Rights of the subject of the register
The subject(s) of the register has the right to check what information concerning him or her or themselves is being stored. A request to inspect the register must be made to the administrator of the register in a signed and written letter. The registered subject has the right to request that any incorrect information contained in the register be corrected, and such a request must be made in writing and containing the sufficiently accurate information. The subject has the right to prohibit the use and processing of the subject’s personal information for the use of direct marketing and other marketing purposes. Requests for verification, correction and prohibition must be address to:

City of Turku / Tourism Services Centre
/ Visit Turku, PL 355, 20101 Turku

7. Regulating sources of data
Personal information can be obtained from the client subject when filling out a form requesting personal information such as when participating in a competition.

8. Regulating disclosure of data
Personal information will not be disclosed outside of Visit Tuku. A potential exception is the marketing and advertising partner of Visit Turku, who may be given information e.g. for the design of advertising. All partners are committed to complying with the data protection regulations.

9. Transfer of data outside the EU or EEA area
Personal information stored in the Visit Turku website Customer and Marketing Register will not be transferred or processed outside the EU or EEA area.

The online services we use linked with the social media services as well as the web analytics tools of Google Analytics may transmit non-personal information outside the EU/EEA area. For more information on this please contact the operators of these online services.