A tasting tour of Turku - delicasies from morning till late night

Come and enjoy a tasting tour of Turku! Check out our tips below and discover how to eat like a true Turku local.

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Dawn breaks, morning begins, and breakfast brings us to life

With many hotels in Turku, you really have some great breakfast options! And the best thing is that even if you’re not staying at the hotel you can still enjoy breakfast there. Hungry diners can indulge in a rich breakfast buffet each day of the week at both the Sokos Hotel Wiklund’s Trattoria and the Radisson Blu Marina Palace. Also, located at the corner of the market square is the iconic Scandic Hamburger Börs, where you can get a refreshing and energetic start  to your day with a bountiful breakfast. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

The 10-year-old Fabbes Café advertises itself as Turku's coolest café and serves breakfast that includes porridge, omlette, Fabbes’ own bread, jam, juice and coffee. The charming Fabbes Café is known for its delicious, homemade products. A popular place with students, it’s located close to Turku's universities, just a stone's throw from Turku Cathedral.

*Breakfast in Turku is also served at the Fazer Café on Aurakatu Street, Café Helmi and Bistro Elli.

Solo Sokos Hotel Turun Seurahuone

River Aura riverside - the perfect place for a picnic lunch

After breakfast, it’s a good time to visit the boutiques or museums in the centre of Turku. At the same time, pick out a perfect picnic place, and find your lunch ingredients from Turku’s Market Square and Market Hall.

At Turku Market Square you will find, for example, Lindroth and Sorri's enticing counters serving the best salads and seasonal vegetables. And both are guaranteed Instagram material, so don’t forget to snap away! At the market you will also find, for example, fruit, berries and mouthwatering smoked fish.

Complement your picnic treats with goodies from the great selection in the Turku Market Hall, whether that’s bread, cheese or even sushi and spring rolls. You can find the restaurants at the Linnankatu street end of the hall, where you can pick up a ready-made lunch. Also, remember the Turku-products from the city’s famous MBakery: the popular Turku chocolate, liquorice balls and a Turku bun filled with caramel cream!

* Definitely sit down for a drink at the market café! However, watch out for the winged ones in the queue, as the seagulls see themselves as regular customers.

*At the Turku Market Hall, be sure to swing by and admire the variety of fish products at the counters of Herkkunuotta and S. Wallin. If you are interested in vegetarian food, then Roots Kitchen is the place for you! The market hall is where you’ll find delicious buns served at the new Mad Bun

Turku Market Hall/ Julia Kivelä

Let Föri take you from one side to the other

Following a filling lunch it’s great to go for a pleasant walk. Why not take a stroll all the way to Turku Castle? Along the way it’s easy to step into the maritime centre Forum Marinum, a great presentation of maritime Turku, as well as enjoying the giant Daisy, a piece of art located in the forecourt. Another great reason to get the camera out again!

Don’t miss taking a ride on the legendary Föri ferry. Delicious ice cream is waiting for you when you disembark on the opposite shore!

*If you want a longer ride on the waves, the Föli water bus will take you from Turku to Ruissalo, and only for the price of a bus ticket! In addition, the steamship Ukkopekka sails from Turku to Naantali and on certain evenings to Loistokari, where charming dances are part of the package.

Afternoon tea in the 18th century

If hunger starts to kick in again then it must be time for an afternoon treat!

The sheltered courtyard of Café Qwensel, located next to the Pharmacy Museum, is like travelling in time to the past. The 18th Century milieu is the perfect place to enjoy homemade delicacies, such as fresh Norwegian donuts, tasty scones and delicious savory pastries.

*Other popular riverside cafes include Domcafé, Café Carre, Café Art, Café Sirius, Café Paawo and Café Pegasus. Also try out the popular doughnuts at Café Ankka!

Cafe Qwensel
Cafe Art

Is there a place for a drinks break?

After eating so much you might require something to wash it down with, and that’s where one of the many River Aura riverboats come to the rescue! With a refreshing drink in hand, watch the walkers strolling along the shore whilst enjoying the music and sunshine from the deck of a riverboat. With so many restaurant boats in the river bank, everyone will find one they like! 

*The restaurant boats are fixed in place, but the pearls of the river, the Jakke Jokilautta and Aura boats, sail up and down the river between the Auransilta bridge and the Suomen Joutsen. Just find a stop and jump aboard from the riverbank! However, you will need to buy a ticket.

Sweet sounds and a little room for a late night snack

When evening comes, it's time to move from the riverboats to the large Kirkkopuisto terrace, which stretches out in front of Turku Cathedral. On the Kirkkopuisto terrace you will find a wide selection of drinks as well as quality food, provided by some of Turku’s restaurants. Large area of the terrace is a sheltered park that still gets plenty of sun. So take a rug with you, stretch out on the grass and if you’re lucky, you can enjoy some live jazz while you’re there!

When the evening turns to night and thre`s still some room left in your stomach, it's time to test another classic: the famous sausage & potatoes from Mantu grill on Kaskenmäki street. Don’t hold back on the spices and you’re guaranteed to keep your hunger away (at least until morning).

* The Hesburger hamburger chain is from Turku, and a very suitable option after a night out. The secret is in Hesburger's famous mayonnaise! Be like a real Turku local and just ask for “ranut Hesen majoneesin kera”.

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