What do the sustainability labels mean?

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We at Visit Turku aim to encourage our partner companies to develop their own practices towards the achievement of certification in sustainable tourism. As a tourist destination, Turku considers sustainable certification as a critical importance to tourism operators in the area.

Here we explain the meanings of the sustainability labels which you can find on our website.

Sustainable Travel Finland

Created by Visit Finland, the Sustainable Travel Finland label brings together existing sustainable tourism certificates, such as the EcoCompass or the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. You can be assured that a destination or company with a Sustainable Travel Finland label is on the planet’s side. The Sustainable Travel Finland programme encourages Finnish tourism companies and destinations to embrace more sustainable practices.

Sustainable Travel Finland

Clean & Safe

The Turku region offers uncompromising safety. Since safety has been taken into account comprehensively, you have the opportunity to enjoy more of all the experiences. You can recognize all the companies committed to the Clean & Safe standards from the Clean & Safe label. 
Clean & Safe

Here is more information and a list of companies committed to sustainable principes.

Travel sustainably in Turku region

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