Turku’s cycling routes x 5

Conquer the Turku region on two wheels! You’ll get to see so much more and you’ll be doing the environment a favour. Check out the routes below and hop on your bike!

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We love cycling here in Turku. The city has bike-friendly footpaths, plus there are amazing routes to explore nearby. It’s also a simple way to support Turku’s bold climate action plan.

Where would you like to go?

Pedal at your own pace and discover new places outside of the city. Here, we’ve brought together the best cycling routes in the region. Ride along the enchanting banks of the Aura River or explore neighbouring islands like Ruissalo, Hirvensalo, and Kakskerta. Take a closer look at the routes and choose your favourite!

Route 1 – Riverside Route

You won’t realise how far you’ve travelled on this riverside route. It’s an easy ride, and you’ll get to enjoy historical sights and stunning scenery along the way.

Distance: Roughly 14 kilometres

Duration: about 2 hours

Difficulty level: Easy

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Route 2 – Ruissalo Route

Embark on a leisurely bike ride to Turku's green paradise, Ruissalo. As well as its unique nature, the island of Ruissalo has plenty of interesting cultural attractions and a wide range of activities.

Distance: about 35 km

Duration: About 2-3 hours of cycling at a relaxed pace (but you’ll want to leave some extra time to enjoy the peaceful ambiance)

Difficulty level: Easy

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Route 3 – Hirvensalo Route

Get swept away by the tranquil atmosphere as you cycle along this route. It will take you to the island of Hirvensalo, which is just a stone’s throw from central Turku, and past several major attractions like the extraordinary Art Chapel.

Distance: Roughly 29 kilometres or 21 kilometres without any detours

Duration: Approximately 2 hours at an easy pace

Difficulty level: Easy to medium (there are some hills along this route, so if you’d prefer to take it easy, an electric bike is an excellent alternative)

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Route 4 – Kakskerta Route

Hop on your bike and enjoy the archipelago ambiance, beautiful nature, and peaceful countryside. This route will take you across three islands, and there are lots of interesting sights along the way.

Distance: about 40 km

Duration: 2-3 hours

Difficulty level:  Moderate (just like the Hirvensalo Route, there are some hills, so if you need an extra boost, an electric bike is a great solution)

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Route 5 – Cycle along the Aurajoentie Tourist Road

Be captivated by the striking scenery of the Aura River. This historical route will take you through four municipalities, right to the source of the Aura River.

Distance: About 60 kilometres in one direction (120 kilometres altogether)

Duration: 1-2 days

Difficulty level: Moderate (the terrain is easy and flat)

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Text Veli-Matti Rissanen and Kathleen Cusack. Photos Veli-Matti Rissanen, Terri Vahtera and Visit Turku.

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