Picturesque Turku – 13 of the best photographic locations


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Restaurant Oobu – Oobu brings an archipelago atmosphere right to the centre of the city and pure Finnish flavours straight to the plate. And there are no complaints about the scenery either - sit on Oobu's balcony to admire one of Turku's most beautiful views of the shores of the River Aura!

Vähätori Square – On Vähätori Square, there’s a lot to capture. Point the camera at the handsome old main library of Turku, click the atmosphere of the cathedral and the Old Great Square on the opposite shore, snap the wares of the design shops or take a selfie in one of Turku's hottest restaurants. In summertime, sit and absorb the terrace vibe around the market.

Also, look out for Casagrande House where, immortalised on the wall is the text Omnia Vincit Amor, meaning ‘love conquers all’!

Restaurant Mami – A modern classic and one of Vähätori's most atmospheric restaurants, Mami serves up wonderful views of both the River Aura and Vähätori's culinary buzz. Don’t be surprised when your eye inevitably becomes fixed on the exquisite dishes – the food here is superb.

The Riverside – When you walk along the riverside (Jokiranta) you’re sure to understand the meaning behind the the iconic statement "Why Paris, when we have Turku". Dotted with cafés, pastel-coloured houses, restaurants and museums, your finger will be constantly on the camera. The bridges and riverboats crisscrossing the River Aura will instantly transport you to a romantic Parisian ambiance. Perhaps a suitable place for a kissing photo?

The shores at Tervatori – Just a stone's throw from the Cathedral Bridge is a place known on Google Maps as Tervatori. For a change of perspective, take a detour along Lönnrotintie street to the wooden footbridge that runs right at the water's edge. The lush nature of Vastaranta, old houses and the tall spire of Turku Cathedral will not disappoint!

Turku Cathedral – Turku isn’t Turku without Finland's national shrine. Turku Cathedral is a handsome revelation both inside and out. In summer, the place becomes even more picture perfect when the terrace on the Kirkkopuisto park adds fresh colour to the historical landscape. So click and toast to the summer.

Medieval Luostarin Välikatu – Slip into the heart of the Middle Ages on a narrow alley lined with colourful houses. Vanha Valtakatu, in the middle of Turku's old town, is a small piece of a bygone world, which has provided quite a nice backdrop for both filmmakers and photographers. You may have trouble choosing which colourful house makes the best background for a #ootd photo.

Walo Roof Top Bar – It’s now time to take a bird's eye view, and head for the rooftop terrace of the Original Sokos Hotel Wiklund, offering magnificent views over the rooftops of Turku. Although it might be hard to drag your gaze from your beautiful cocktails and mocktails!

Café Qwensel – Turku's most secret café can be found in the courtyard of the Pharmacy Museum and Qwensel House. Café Qwensel is part of the atmospheric 18th-century museum, with an idyllic courtyard garden, impressive in it’s own right. In the café, travel back centuries in time, as employees dressed in period clothing serve coffee and cakes from porcelain dishes and copper pans.

Turku Castle – The perfect postcard scenery. Bold on the outside, fascinatingly mysterious on the inside. Tip: the classic picture angle can be found under the bright vaulted ceilings of the King’s Hall.

Ruissalo – In Ruissalo, there are numerous nature trails through the venerable and verdant oak forests. On the diverse island, which also includes colourful wooden lace villas, it’s quick and easy to change to a seaside scenery.

Ruissalo Boatyard – This historical boatyard in Turku combines a trendy atmosphere with a rugged maritime milieu. The perfect venue for urban archipelago weddings, it’s extremely popular for this kind of event in summer. On the terraces of the boatyard’s popular restaurants, your hardest decision is between photos of the archipelago landscape before your eyes or the delicacies on your plate. Snap both to be safe.

Viking Line – Why let the sea bring a halt to your photographic adventure, when you can head for an archipelago cruise aboard Viking Line. Have the camera at the ready as the ship sails past Ruissalo's villas towards the archipelago islets and the open sea. If you're lucky, you might spot a seal or a sea eagle from the deck of the Viking ship.

Text Sanna Keltanen. Video Kim Allen-Mersh. Photos Jemina Sormunen, Terri Vahtera and Visit Turku.

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