What kind of city holiday in Turku is right for you? Take the test to find out.


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1. When visiting a new destination, you first…
Naturally reach for the most significant, must-see attractions.
b) Want to discover what cultural offerings the city has to offer.
c) Want to know what unique and fascinating things there are to do.


2. Which of the following would you like to see in Turku?
Something that’s very traditional for the city.
b) A super interesting exhibition.
c) The favourite places for the locals.


3. When booking a hotel, what most influences your choice?
A preference for safe bets rather than flashy choices.
b) If the hotel has an interesting history or story then that’s the place!
c) Pleasure and experience definitely come first.


Most answers are (a) = Classic Tourist

Most answers are (b) = Culture Lover

Most answers (c) = Novelty Seeker



Traditional choices for the Classic Tourist

On a city vacation, you’re the type who likes the main attractions and well-known places. What better way to explore a new city than to rely on top recommendations – after all, they are classics for a reason. Which destinations have we put on Turku's must-see list, so you get a good feel for the specialties of the former capital and the mental landscape of Southwest Finland? Be our guest and explore your trip design below.

Turku Castle: How can you say you’ve even visited the city if you didn’t go to Turku Castle? Not many cities in Finland have a castle, but Turku does. Every nook and cranny of the floors and corridors hold millions of interesting stories and artefacts from the castle's past. Classic or cliché – decide for yourself.

Posankka: Take a picture by the rear of the iconic Posankka statue, the city’s famous pig/duck hybrid! This strangely lovely pink creature is guaranteed to cause hilarity.

Aura Riverside: How cool is this! The living room of the locals and one of the cornerstones of Turku's national landscape, the Aura provides princely urban culture on its shores. Is this what makes Turku the Paris of Finland? You decide.

Aboa Vetus Ars Nova: Turku's exquisite museum of archeology and contemporary art is literally a palace in the city centre. In the popular museum, the ancient remains from underground excavations, left over from medieval Turku, are amazing. During the same visit, you can take a look at the impressive art exhibitions upstairs.

Restaurant Mami: Mami serves up classic tastes. A stunningly good restaurant in Turku that also offers a wonderful view from its windows of the culinary bustle of Vähätori Square and the Aura riverside. Of course, your attention is soon drawn to the masterful dishes - the food here is simply wonderful.

Föri: The beloved orange city ferry carries the crowd across the River Aura between the streets of Tervahovinkatu and Wechterinkuja. A convenient ride, great scenery and a free mini-cruise to both sides of the river. It can't get more Turku than this.

Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel: If you're looking for a place to stay, Marina Palace is the place to be. This reliable favourite manages to be both huggably relaxed whilst delivering a touch of luxury at the same time. Pampered former guests have included celebrities and even royalty. An added bonus is the easy riverbank location, from where you can get to anywhere you want go.

What’s hot for Culture Lovers

Pack your trip full of museums, galleries, urban culture and history. It’s pretty clear that Turku is the right address for all travelers thirsty for culture. And when you add excellent accommodation and good food to the package, you really have a captivating city escape. Here's your preliminary trip design, which includes hot cultural destinations and other things to spice up a good city holiday.

Turku Art Museum: This imposing national romantic granite castle high up on the hill is hard to miss. It’s a place the culture lover is sure to have a good time. Dive into the classic jewels of Finnish art and temporary treasures from contemporary artists.

Taiteen talo: The Taiteen talo arts centre, housed in the old Rettig tobacco factory, brings together a rich artistic and cultural buzz under one roof in the heart of Turku's old town. With six different floors, the site can hold anything and everything that’s interesting, so well worth keeping in mind.

Restaurant Tenlén: The restaurant at the Ruissalo Boatyard is named in honor of the Turku shipyard’s former director, G.A. Tenlén. The food is created with the same mentality as Tenlén made boats - with passion and dedication. There are smoky meat delicacies on the menu and great wines on the side, but of course the kitchen also brings smoky flavours to the tastes from the sea.

Piispankatu Street: This beautiful street beginning at the Cathedral provides a charming breeze that gently breathes life into the history of Turku. Mauno Koivisto's birthplace is also located in the labourer's quarter at the corner of Piispankatu and Tehtaankatu.

Åbo Svenska Teater: The ornate details, ceiling paintings and huge crystal chandelier of the oldest theatre building in Finland surpass many places in the world with their glamour. The repertoire includes everything from Dracula to drama.

Solo Sokos Hotel Turun Seurahuone: A hotel well-suited to the spirit of a cultural vacation. Solo Sokos Hotel Turun Seurahuone has a long history as a place for urbanites to stay overnight. The modern boutique hotel has managed to beautifully preserve the spirit of its 1920s former life.

An Exclusive List for Novelty Seekers

For you, a city vacation is a chance to collect a bunch of new vibes and experiences. It's perfectly okay to follow the mainstream but you need a little something special in between. There’s no place better than Turku then, where you can find fascinating surprises alongside classic attractions. We recommend this combo of old and new to fit your trip design. Inspiration incoming.

Kakola: With new life breathed stylishly into the former prison area, up on the hill you’ll find trendy cultural surprises and a diversity of services, from a sourdough bakery to a small brewery. A night in the old prison is definitely an experience, and the fact that you can also spend the night in solitary confinement is a mark of Finnish hospitality.

WAM: Spectacular art in a magnificent setting. WAM's exhibition space WAMx is dedicated to the latest trends in contemporary art. The venue is constantly brimming with special and fascinating exhibitions. Not something you want to skip.

Jazz City Turku: Top recommendation alert!! Don’t miss this Turku jazz experience organized by Turku's resident jazz coordinators, bringing exciting concerts throughout the year together with talented jazz musicians the entire public will enjoy.

Walo Rooftop Bar: The rooftop bar on the top floor of the Original Sokos Hotel Wiklund is perfect for sipping seasonal drinks and sinking into the soft sofas. The stylish lounge atmosphere feels like a wonderfully luxurious change to lounging on the sofa at home.

Boutique tour: Turku boasts a strong second-hand vibe, with several wonderful brick-and-mortar boutiques in the city centre. If your wardrobe longs for stylish new treasures, Turku has plenty of gems for you to discover.

Restaurant recommendations: Turku has the best restaurants in the country. Everyone’s taste buds will be tantalizingly tickled by the cool harbinger of vegetarian delights at Roots Kitchen in the Turku Market Hall. But chew on it and form your own opinion. Lunch on weekdays, brunch on Saturdays. Another tasty vegetarian tip: Restaurant Kuori!

Kupittaa Allotment Garden: Definitely a less well-known attraction but a top tip of connoisseurs. Kupittaa's Allotment Garden continues the special urban garden history of Kupittaa that began in the district in the 18th century. A winning spot all year round, so don’t forget to go and explore.

Text Jemina Sormunen. Photos Terri Vahtera, Joonas Tsokkinen and Visit Turku.

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